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Very Light Aircrafts


Liner or combat pilots, aeronautics chairmen, how many of you started on a green runway, knocking on the glass of a needle-altimeter ?

Unfortunately this wonderful Maternity becomes less and less accessible. Complexity and multiplication of the rules, increasing costs, reduction of dedicated free time, how will the Youngness participate to the adventure ? Will we accept that the future aeronautics leaders have no idea about what is flying ?

Very Light Aircrafts for the last 10 years saved the situation and represent a real hope of progress.

Our Team is carefully looking at all opportunities to support the development of the next popular and cost effective aviation.


[ Design Projects / Aerobatics / Airworthiness / Flight Safety / Market Integration ]




This is a revolution when the toys, accessible to everybody, reach the mission capacities of former governmental means. Life privacy, air-traffic integration, security, astonishing new performances and hopes, the challenge is huge to domesticate the wild spread.

What will be the future of the numerous companies dealing with drones after the first relevant accident ?

Our Team is perfectly fitted to manage the full spectrum of the very various requested disciplines. Top level RC users for years, we use our strong knowledge, as professional aviation managers, to support the development of cost-adapted concepts for, airworthiness, failure management and survivability, social and cultural integration, air-traffic awareness, with the strong desire of upgrading the mission capacities.

Come with us and preserve the future of your drone activities.

[ Adapted Airworthiness / Air Traffic Managment / Mission Enhancement / Flight Securing ]




Managing your resources is a key factor for success.

Concentrate on your operational business, and rely on us to provide you the temporary but particularly efficient action-power where you don't want to invest for a life-time.

We worked in the biggest organizations, and for international projects in aeronautics. Networks, contracts settlement, complex and tricky situations, we have learned from these experiences, and can share with you the best of our understandings and approaches.

[ Audit / Project Managment / Training / Coaching ]


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