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Our Team gathers experimented experts from a large aeronautical panel.         


UrWingS , created by the passion of Sky adventures.


Helicopters, gliders, and planes pilots, our Staff Members made flying a life-style. Our careers are drawn by an intense desire of taking off to reach the edge of our passion. Managers for top-of-the-art aeronautics organizations, designers or qualification managers for major aircrafts programs, complex projects holders, we also based our skills on a solid and unique practice of demanding flying missions.  Our decisions, advises, and know-how are reinforced by a tremendous field experience, a practical and pragmatic approach, validated by a long list of qualifications, as well as several World Champion positions in aerobatics.


Our work is motivated by the wish of sharing our efforts with you, pushing the frontiers, and upgrading this magnificent adventure of flying. Secure and performant, that's how we want your projects.


                  35 rue des Chantiers, 78000 VERSAILLES

                           820 837 698 RCS Versailles

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