" Dans la vie il n'y a pas de solutions.

Il y a des forces en marche : il faut les créer et les solutions suivent. "

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Tell us where you want to go,  we will provide a strong experience to help you to find the way.

 We never forget that flying is here to reach new horizons.







[ Airworthiness ]


Take benefit of our strong knowledge and experience of Airworthiness implementation in the biggest organizations

[ Flight Safety ]


We have years of practice in the most difficult conditions where we could combine theory and reality to secure our flights

[ Project Managment ]


Our Members participated as managers to major international projects. Contracts settlement, processes, negotiations : we can help you.

[ Drones ]


Remote Control pilots and designers for years, we make the link with the Aviation World to build a sain drone operational field

[ Manager Training ]


We coach students and managers for major aeronautics Industries or Partners.

[ Design Assistance ]


Our Team is used to design and qualification processes, in international aircrafts programs.