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We work on an adapted Airworthiness implementation for drone or Ultra-Light users. We propose to ignitiate the process so that you reach the adapted level and the autonomy in your compliance demonstration for the Authorities. We can also strongly help you for the approval of your normal CAMO or MO 

Flight Safety

We propose theoretical and practical completion to your Safety Management System.

We help you to better target and manage your particular risks, and to have  practice in flight, with unusual positions or situations


In collaboration with approved training partners, we provide complementary courses for managers and students. Oriented on the efficiency in complex environments, and on the commercial performances, we focus on a lean but global approach of the projects' management


We perform projects management and audits to enhance your activity at the adapted and recognized level. We also improve your network and market range. We apply a pragmatic approach based on our strong experience of aeronautics principles.

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