Safety Pilots







The Safety Pilot has spread from the regulation due to the necessity of instruments flight training. This idea is now growing up out of the box, with the hope of numerous pilots to provide more safety warranty to their regular flights.  We strongly support this idea, to offer all pilots, a clarified and easy concept of

pilots for safety.

Design Assistance

Designing flying parts is a brain teaser that can lead to many traps. Based on our know-how and experience of large programs, we can define for you the frame and perimeter of your projects. We establish the analysis, the functional specifications, provide you with a pre-design mapping and advise you on the partnerships.

Air Surveillance

About costs and concept...

Still a surprise...

Project Consulting

Business management, technical development, regulation conformity, market integration...with limited human resources. We can provide you with the external and performant help that you temporary need. Our international and complex environments knowledge will bring you the adapted project boost and network.

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